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Caveat Loans or First Mortgage loans are fast settling short-term loans which are generally for a period of between 1 to 24 Months.


They are low doc or alt doc loans and are secured against real estate, no financials required.


 Caveat Loans are available to clients who wish to retain their existing 1st mortgage but require a short-term line of funding beyond their current credit provider’s capacity.

A Second Mortgage is a loan secured against a property that already has a First Mortgage attached to it. You will still have your original lender on the title of your property and the second mortgage ranks after this. (New Laws means the first mortgagee no longer requires notice of a second mortgage)

For our Caveat Loan or Second Mortgage products, the Maximum Lvr is Usually 70 - 75% but on a case by case basis some lenders will accept 80% Lvr. The loan term is usually between 1- 24 months.

For First Mortgages the Maximum Lvr is usually in the 65 - 75% range. The loan term is usually 1 - 24 months. 

We like,  construction, incomplete construction, business purpose loans,  and equity release for a specific purpose.

AAA has our own funds, so we can normally settle within 3 working days from approval. 

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