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 Residential Loans
Owner Occupied, Investment, First Home

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Explore our competitive and flexible residential loan products

Standard Products

Rates from 2.59%

LVR Up to 95%

Unlimited cash out to 85% LVR

Alt Doc Loans

Rates from 2.99%

0% Risk Fee

Companies & Trust Entities Accepted

Only doc required is an Accountants Letter (or 6 months BAS, or 3 months statements. 

Unique Borrower Products

Our Unique Borrower product are are a specialist range for borrowers who do not met traditional lending criteria. require more flexible solutions, may have impaired credit history, or those who cannot provide traditional documentation. 

LVR up to 90%

Companies & Trust Entities Accepted

Full Doc & Alt Doc options, Interest Only up to 5 years.

Full Doc Requirements

  • Latest 1-2 years tax returns

  • 24 months ABN or 12 months GST

Alt Doc Requirements

  • Accountant Letter; or

  • 6 months BAS; or

  • 3 months Statements

Options for Credit Impaired Borrowers

Products available for borrowers with mortgage arrears

Bankruptcy timeframe can be current but entered more than 2 years ago

Defaults, writs or summons under $2,000 will be ignored

Loans that Work For You

AAA Money have a variety of products that cater to self-employed/small business owner borrowers

  • Unlimited Tax Debt Payouts 

  • Unlimited Debt Consolidation (personal & business)

  • Unlimited Cash Out (personal & business)

  • Defaults older than 2yrs or <$1000 paid or unpaid

  • Discharged Bankrupt

  • PAYG from 1 day in Probation/Contract

  • 100% Bonus/Overtime/Commission/Allowances

  • No Notional Rent & Actual Payments on OFI Debts (+25%)

  • No credit scoring

  • 40-year loan terms (investment loans)

  • Income protection accepted

  • Workers compensation income accepted

  • Professional investors accepted

  • Can repay private debt and personal debt (family members)

  • 1 years tax return accepted.


Borrowers outside traditional guidelines?

We've got you covered.

Our latest range of products have competitive rates and cater to borrowers who may fall outside of traditional lending guidelines. 

We know many Australians have had their finances disrupted in the last 12 months, so our products have been designed to help these borrowers or those that may have a form of previous credit impairment. 

This is a great time to reach out for your customers at a time when it can make a real and significant difference. 

Get in touch with our team to talk through a scenario: 

What about Lo Doc Loans?

As a self-employed person, you may have heard of “lo doc loans”, where lenders look at a different set of financial measures to assess your application.

The fact is, lo doc loans are becoming less common due to responsible lending requirements, which call for your lender to be sure you can comfortably handle your loan repayments.

That said, the lo doc route can be helpful for particularly a start-up business that is unable to present two years' worth of financials. 

The downsides of lo doc loans include the following:

  • Not all lenders offer them 

  • They often incur a higher interest rate

  • You may be asked to provide a larger deposit (compared to a traditional home loan)

Eligibility: Self-Employed

Loan Amount: up to $2,500,000

LVR: up to 90% (85% for cash out)

Interest Only Option: From 1-5 years

Alt Doc Income Requirements: Accountant letter; or 6 months BAS; or 3 months Business bank statements.

Send us your scenario with loan amount, post code and property value and we will guide you on our loan limits and exposures.