Frequently asked questions

Who is 'AAA' Money?

In 1988 John Macalyk launched 'AAA'. He was the 12th individual in Australia to obtain an Australian Credit Licence (ACL: 364 295). He was at the very first industry body meeting. Then called the MIAA, now MFAA. He retains membership Number five MFAA: 00005 'AAA' was built on family values and now as part of the 'AAA' Financial Group still operates as a family-style business today, with Melissa Ashcroft in the role of General Manager. For over 33 years AAA have been enabling Aussies to progress their home ownership dreams. And to date, we have settled over $4 billion as a mortgage provider AAA specialise in Commercial Property Finance, including construction as well as alternative document loans, or loans that are ‘out of the box.” We are about SME’s and over 75% of our clients are small – medium business sized owners. Getting the best rate available is important, but it's not just about the interest rate - the loan term and fees are important features of the best product for our client's commercial needs. Our promise is that we’ll save you from the confusing world of property finance.

How is 'AAA' Money different?

We are a loan provider that provides loans using wholesale funds. We find the best fund for your unique loan needs and have competitive and responsive funders on our panel. We also have over 3200 accredited introducers and pride ourselves on exemplary service, always. By putting our customer's first 'AAA' works closely with industry to ensure a strong customer focus. One of our senior managers will manage the entire loan process, and we have a fully trained and experienced support team to ensure we meet your service needs.

Can I trust you?

We have our Australian Mortgage Credit License (ACL 364 295) so it means we’re governed and legally bound to follow the compliance rules of ASIC.

Can we borrow outside traditional guidelines?

Yes, we have you covered. Our latest range of products have competitive rates and cater to borrowers who may fall outside of traditional lending guidelines. We know many Australians have had their finances disrupted in the last 12 months, so our products have been designed to help these borrowers, or those that may have a form of previous credit impairment.

I'm self-employed, can I apply for a loan?

As a self-employed person, you may have heard of “lo doc loans”, where lenders look at a different set of financial measures to assess your application. The fact is, lo doc loans are becoming less common due to responsible lending requirements, which call for your lender to be sure you can comfortably handle your loan repayments. That said, the lo doc route can be helpful, particularly a start-up business that is unable to present two years' worth of financials. The downsides of lo doc loans include the following: · Not all lenders offer them · They often incur a higher interest rate · You may be asked to provide a larger deposit (compared to a traditional home loan)

Can I refinance multiple properties with 'AAA'?


Can I make changes to my loan?


How do you work out how much I can borrow?

The amount you could borrow is determined by your financial situation which we assess to see if it meets our affordability requirements. We look at things like your income, your expenses, savings, and credit history. We’ll also need to look at your spending habits and any existing commitments such as credit cards, personal loans, and car loans.

How do I apply for a loan with 'AAA'?

Contact us directly on 02 9299 1144 or email our General Manager and she will point you in the right direction.

What loans can work for you?

'AAA' Money have a variety of products that cater to self-employed/small business owner borrowers. Make an appointment, call or email and we will always come back to you within 2 business hours.