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General Manager

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Melissa Ashcroft is the General Manager of the 'AAA' Financial Group.


She manages all direct client acquisition and retention.

She supports Women in Business and is committed to assisting all small business owners achieve the best possible financial results.


Commercial Fund Manager

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David Hulston is the 'AAA' Commercial Fund Manager and is also in charge of managing our credit team.


He has over 20 years of funds management experience and knows the name of every capital city in the world - go ahead, test him!

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Managing Director

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Founder and Managing Director, John Macalyk, has over 35 years experience in Finance. He holds the MFAA membership number #00005 and was the 12th person in Australia to obtain an Australian Credit Licence (364 295). 


He is happy to discuss your financial goals at any time.


Outside the office, he enjoys a game of golf, reviewing restaurants around the world, and a good Sake.

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